How to Replace Air Conditioner Filter | How to Clean AC Filter in 2022

How to Replace Air Conditioner Filter

Interested in learning how to change an air conditioner’s filter? To keep the air conditioner operating well, it must be changed frequently. In order to prevent dust, filth, and grime from obstructing the air flow and damaging the evaporator coil, replacing the filters is essentially the most important thing you can do for your air conditioner. If you take these procedures, changing the filters in your system won’t be a laborious operation.

The air conditioning system’s filter compartment must first be found; it is typically covered by a piece of metal that slides in and out of the compartment. To ensure that you choose a replacement filter that is the correct size, find out the exact size of the old filter.

How to Clean AC Filter

Get a replacement filter for your air conditioner that is of perfect size. . There are numerous filter choices, ranging from ordinary spun fibre that is affordable to synthetic polyester fibre that is expensive. If you are living anywhere with a warmer and dustier climate, make sure to get high efficiency window air conditioner filters. These filters will not only collect dust particles, but also tiny moulds, pollen, dust, and other irritating particles.

Use a black permanent marker when changing the filter. When the metal guard is slid up, take note of the air flow direction as it is shown on the side of your old filter. Draw arrows in the same direction on the metal guard with the marker.

There will be a wide range of replacement frequency for filters. While some units may only need their filters changed once a month, others may need them changed at least every two weeks. The durability of the filter can also be influenced by its quality and construction. Of course, superior air filters will outlast inferior ones in terms of lifespan. It is important to study the manufacturer’s guidelines in order to identify how regularly to change your air filter.

To protect your health and save extra maintenance costs, be sure to follow all of these instructions while changing the air conditioner filters.

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How to Replace Air Conditioner Filter

Change your filter

1. Power off your machine.

2. The filter will be situated near the intake-outtake blower (for most homes, it will be situated nearby your control box). Open any doors or panels that swing open or lift up to access the filter.

3. Before you put in your new filter, search the surrounding region for an arrow. The direction of the filter is indicated by this arrow. As you install the arrow, make sure it is facing toward the blower and is not installed backwards (if in doubt, verify the direction of your old filter before removing it or just as you do so).

4. Lastly, restart your machine to check it is functioning correctly.

How to Clean Air Conditioner Filter

1. Shut down your system once more, then find and remove your filter.

2. If at all possible, you should clean your filter outside. To remove caked-on particles, use a brush.

3. Utilize your hose attachment to vacuum the filter.

4. Use running water to clean the filter. Your water hose’s spray attachment should be used. Just keep in mind to spray against the current of airflow. Alternatively, spray front to back (the debris is on the front of the filter, spraying from back to front will more efficiently clean your filter).

5. Prior to replace your filter, let it totally air dry.

Important thing On How to Replace AC Filter

A return vent, which includes the filter, is typically close to the thermostat. The return vent for a thermostat on a staircase is often located on the sloped ceiling above the stairs. If not, the vent is typically found near the ceiling above the thermostat or near the floor directly over the thermostat. Call your AC contractor if you are having trouble locating your return vent or simply need assistance changing your filter.

Your air conditioner will have to work harder to draw air through the filter when the filter fills up because there is less room for air to move through. This additional work will shorten its lifespan, and changing an air filter once a month is considerably more cost-effective than replacing your entire air conditioner (especially in the summer and winter when your unit runs nearly nonstop)!

Regular filter changes are also beneficial for health. The filter removes airborne irritants like smoke, dust, and pet hair. If you have asthma or allergies, these pollutants could make problems worse.

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The American Lung Association claims they can potentially result in cancer. I know it seems like everything these days is linked to cancer, but if changing your A/C filter, for example, would help avoid it, why not do it?

Filters come in two basic varieties: reusable and disposable. Although disposable filters are less expensive than reusable ones, the price difference isn’t significant and reusable filters don’t need to be changed every month. A reusable filter, however, needs to be cleaned once a month. Whatever route you take, your air filter needs regular upkeep.

Your filter needs to be changed at least four times per year. Read the manufacturer’s instructions before making a filter purchase. You will be able to profit from your filter for a long time if it comes from a reputable supplier.

Following purchase, properly maintain and clean the filter and Keep a record of your electric bill before changing the filter.

Latest FAQ’s on How to Replace Air Conditioner Filter

Do I need to turn off AC to change filter?

Yes, Shut down your system once more, then find and remove your filter.

What happens if you don’t change your air filter?

The filter removes airborne irritants like smoke, dust, and pet hair. If you have asthma or allergies, these pollutants could make problems worse.

How many Times You should change you AC Filter?

Your filter needs to be changed at least four times per year

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