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How many types of keywords are there in SEO

In this Post we are going to tell you about one of the most important aspect of SEO that is Keywords . We will cover How many types of keywords are there in SEO , types of keywords , role of keywords in SEO , what are different types of keywords.

How many types of keywords are there in SEO in 2022

What are keywords?

Keywords are  those terms composed of one or more than one words that summarise what an article is about. In Blogging , they are important to guide Viewers .Thus, they help to attract more visitors through Google.

What is role of keywords in SEO

The role of keywords is quite important in terms of SEO. You can work with different strategies through search engines, all of which are based on keywords. 

In fact, even in image searches, the search engine converts the image into words to perform searches. That is, this element plays a main role for SEO in all its circumstances.

However, ranking follows a logic that goes beyond the keyword. Response times, as already mentioned, are also decisive; page and domain authority also dramatically affect rankings.

In fact, it is worth remembering that SEO is a world apart, having several rules, techniques and metrics of its own – which currently revolve around page response times.

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How to use Keywords ?

Although, only the best results on search engines get the most clicks. Studies have shown that over 50% of clicks on a Google results page are on the top three links. This means optimising your rankings as much as possible is vital to success. So how can you do this?

  • Keyword Stuffing – You never know what phrases people might use to search for the services or products you offer. This means that you should try to cover all your bases. Creating a lot of content with links connecting them on a web greatly strengthens your search engine results. This is inherently true, but it also creates a larger net that will catch any specific phrase that search engine users might type.
  • Basically, keyword stuffing is a black hat technique in which the writer inserts keywords into content just to make it rank well in the main search engines. However, as mentioned above, from the moment Google realized this strategy, a robot started reading all content and punishing those with randomly entered keywords

What are different types of keywords

Primary Keyword

Used strategically throughout the text, the primary keyword is the main element of the agenda when building content. When we talk about strategy, we refer to the scannability of the text and its density of use in the content.

The primary keyword, as its name suggests, is the main term or word of a page, which can follow the style of web content or be of any other nature.

It is with the primary keyword that we must be careful, as there are certain practices that increase its performance or take its shine on the page, and since it is the main keyword, it ends up overshadowing all the others.

Secondary Keyword

 The secondary keyword is often made from the primary, but this is not as hard and a fast rule. It indicates that there are steps of importance for each term, which may be independent to each other.Secondary keywords are an important aspect of keyword optimization to understand.

But many newcomers to the field are unaware of the importance of secondary keywords, as are many SEO amateurs .

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Related words are those keywords which are “secondary words” category, as they can also fulfil this function.

But we need to remember that Google works with robots, which use a logical and a AI system  to rank pages. So, the clearer that material on your page, the greater is your chance that the robot will understand your page’s content and rank on google.

Short tail Keywords

In Blogging, there is the concept of the tail of a keywords. Short tails are used and unspecified search terms, whose main attribute is high search volume.

Just to exemplify, the keyword “jeans” is short-tailed, as it says nothing else about shoes.

Long tail keywords

The long tail keyword works with features and having as a characteristic a low volume of searches.

Just to exemplify, the keyword “ what is jeans” is long-tailed, as it says about  what is jeans.

LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing,  and  are the main keywords used in the post or in a content.

What is keyword density?

As you know, the density of each keyword is very important in SEO criteria because, through this information, it is possible to know how many times the same term appears in the text. Even though many still do not believe in the importance of this information, it is very relevant when identifying how much quality there is in a content.

Simply put, keyword density is the ratio of words in your content that are  those keywords. So if you have 100 keywords and a keyword density of 2%, two of those 100 words are keywords then they are easy to rank. Keyword density is something Google considers when ranking a page, but it’s not always clear exactly how it uses this data.

Make use of the density of each word correctly

Some people believe that the density of a keyword in the text is not important in SEO criteria, or even the most important item to consider. On the contrary, this is just one of the strategies like any other to be used during the content optimization process.

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