Save lives this gift-giving season with Andobil’s range of in-car

The holidays see an increase in travel, as we drive near and far to visit loved ones. When doing so, it’s important to remember the rules of the road. We must pay attention to what’s in front of us and not on the shiny new phone we may have received from Santa. Andobil has your convenience and, more importantly, your safety in mind with their line of in-car phone holders, designed to be accessible to the driver without distracting you from the road.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Andobil designs computer, communication, and consumer electronic products. Their focus is ergonomics, forgoing the clumsiness that sometimes results from our interactions with tech, so that you can “free your hands, enjoy your life.” Despite the wide range of phone sizes and weights, all of Andobil’s models will fit your phone. They won’t budge when you touch your phone’s screen, but they’ll easily relinquish their grip when your co-pilot wants to update your music playlist.


Andobil has won numerous awards for its designs — and justifiably so. This model is the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon. It features three mounting types: dashboard, air vent, and windshield. Thanks to its three layers of nano-gel and powerful vacuum, it can hold up to 65 lbs! That means it can hold Zack Morris’s phone, with weight capacity to spare. And with the mount’s 360° rotating ball head, and its adjustable, 7.3-inch arm capable of turning 270°, your phone can be positioned to precisely where you want it. It’s the ideal stocking stuffer for that truck-driving friend who prefers off-roading to highways. Right now, this mount is on sale for $27.95, down from $32.99.

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Car Phone Mount

The upgraded 2022 model is specifically designed for air vents. It’s the first on the market to be made with PTFE, so your phone will stay secure. It’s also made from military-grade metal with 52 lbs of clamping force. That’s 20 times sturdier than most other phone holders of its kind. It can hold phones and phone cases up to 1.12 inches thick, so you can purchase the mount you like best, without having to worry about whether your thick phone case will fit. You can install your phone and never worry about rugged terrain dislodging it. This mount is currently 12% off, at $22.95.

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Andobil Car Phone Holder

The newest 2022 model is the 15-inch car cup phone holder. It has an 8.3-inch, adjustable gooseneck made of solid aluminum. Similar to their other 2022 models, this model is made from military-grade materials, ensuring extreme durability you probably won’t find elsewhere. It’s designed to sit in the vast majority of cup holders thanks to its adjustable, anti-slip rubber pads that can expand to fit cup holders ranging from 2.16 inches to 4.02 inches wide. The shaft even features a clip on it to allow for effortless cable management. The “gooseneck cup” model is currently $31.99, a 20% savings.

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Andobil Mag-Safe Phone Holder

If you seek minimalism and even more convenience, you should consider the Andobil MagSafe-compatible mount. Despite its lack of physical clasps and a base diameter of just 1.3 inches, the MagSafe car mount ensures your device will never fall, thanks to its 20 built-in magnets. You will, of course, need a MagSafe iPhone. If you own one, you can apply the mount to your car’s interior via the upgraded 3M adhesive that can withstand 45 lbs of weight and extreme temperatures from -30° F to 194° F. Then, let the magnets do their job by placing your phone on the circular stand. The mount sports 360° free rotation and tilting up to 75°. Right now, the MagSafe mount is 10% off and goes for $35.99. There is also a silver model that sells for $37.99.

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Andobil Mag-Safe New Model Car Mount

Last is the new magnetic car phone mount pro, which is going for $39.99, a 20% savings. It fits the iPhone 12/13/14 models, features 360° rotation, and holds onto your device by 23 powerful N55 magnets. It can work without a metal ring as expected, but can also work with the metal ring provided, allowing you to use any type of phone case, MagSafe or not. It holds onto your vent with an upgraded double-lock clip and can be manipulated for any angle, thanks to its 360°-rotation ball joint, which is 10 times sturdier than other models.

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This Christmas, give not only the gift of convenience but also, safety. Andobil’s in-car phone mounts are stylish, practical, and encourage adherence to road rules. And right now, they’re also on sale. Get one for yourself or better yet, stuff one in the stocking of someone you care about.

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