Samsung CEO promises new performance standards, environmental commitment ahead of

Samsung’s CEO, TM Roh, came up with a blog post ahead of the Unpacked event on February 1, where we’ll see the Galaxy S23 series’ debut. It talks the company’s plans for the future, promises new performance standards and environmental commitment.

Samsung's CEO promises new performance standards, environmental commitment

In the post, TM Roh talks about new performance standards, not only in terms of raw performance but also when it comes to camera capabilities. He says that the new Galaxy S23 series will deliver an even smarter, more refined camera experience made possible through various hardware and software upgrades. So new and improved camera software and new sensors, as expected then.

Roh also hints at Samsung’s new chipset powering up the latest Galaxy S series allowing the fastest and smoothest Galaxy S experience ever. The company is expected to ditch its own Exynos chipsets in favor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

The official statement talks a bit about the Galaxy S23 Ultra and how it incorporates the best of both worlds – the discontinued Note and its S Pen and the Galaxy S line’s mainstream appeal. And this year’s S23 will prove to be useful in even more device categories. Color us intrigued.

Lastly, Samsung says it’s doubling down on its environmental strategy announced back in September and the smartphone maker will include even more recycled materials without compromising quality and durability. After all, prolonging the life cycle of smartphones will surely decrease electronic waste. Another way to extend the life cycle of its smartphones is to provide software updates for longer and it seems that Samsung is doing a pretty good job at that by promising at least 4 years of major software updates to its flagship devices.


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