OPPO Air Glass 2 Glasses and Ohealth H1 Health Monitor

OPPO has announced several new products at its INNO DAY 2022 event, including its new custom MariSilicon Y Bluetooth audio SoC, OPPO Air Glass 2 assisted reality glasses, and OHealth H1 family health monitor. The new devices mark company’s determination to enrich its four ‘Smart Initiatives’ in smart entertainment, smart productivity, smart health, and smart learning. In this article, let’s take a closer look at the OPPO Air Glass 2 and OHealth H1 health monitor and see what these new devices have to offer.


Air Glass 2

OPPO Air Glass 2-1

OPPO Air Glass 2 is the company’s second-generation assisted reality glasses. OPPO showcased the first-gen Air Glass at its INNO DAY 2021 event last year. This device was aimed to help users with real-time translation, navigation, and more. However, unlike the original Air Glass, which was simply an attachment for regular glasses, Air Glass 2 is a standalone eyeglass that can be worn and used like any other pair of glasses.

The OPPO Air Glass 2 features a robust design and weighs only 38g. In addition, it features the world’s first resin SRG-diffractive waveguide lens developed by OPPO. These lenses support vision correction and further customization, making them almost indistinguishable from regular glasses. In addition to its sleek design, the OPPO Air Glass 2 will be able to make phone calls, conduct real-time translation, provide location-based navigation, convert voice into text, and provide many more smart experiences.

On the whole, the OPPO Air Glass 2 takes the ‘human-machine interaction’ to another level. With its ability to support vision correction and offer a range of smart features, the OPPO Air Glass 2 is set to be a game-changer in the industry. Unfortunately, OPPO has not provided any pricing or availability details just yet, and we’ll have to wait to find out more.

OHealth H1

OHelath H1-1

In addition to Air Glass 2, OPPO also unveiled the OHealth H1 health-tracking device at the INNO DAY 2022 event. This is the company’s first product under its new smart healthcare sub-brand, OHealth. The OHealth H1 is a family health monitor that combines six health data monitoring functions into a single device aimed at helping users take better care of the health of their entire family.

In contrast to traditional medical equipment, the OHealth H1 features aesthetic rounded edges and a concentric oval design, weighing just 95g. OPPO says the compact design makes it easy for users to take the OHealth H1 with them anywhere, helping them to integrate regular health measurements into their daily routines.

The OHealth H1 combines six health data monitoring functions into one and provide results in less than 30 seconds. This device can monitor your blood oxygen, ECG, cardiopulmonary auscultation, heart rate, sleep quality, and body temperature. OPPO claims the device uses high-precision sensors and industry-leading health algorithms to collect accurate health data.

OHealth H1 Usage 1

With the OHealth H1, users can interpret the data captured by the device with the help of an accompanying app. The app features AI-assisted diagnosis, daily health management, and telemedicine features. AI algorithms developed by OPPO can even detect abnormalities in ECGs and cardiopulmonary sounds and help people with diagnosis and treatment.

For families with chronic diseases like hypertension and COPD, the app is especially useful. Using the app, patients with chronic diseases can receive targeted reminders when it’s time to take their health readings, forming long-term health monitoring habits. By analyzing long-term data, people can improve their understanding of their recovery, monitor their medications, and prepare better for the next stage of treatment.

On the whole, the OHealth H1 seems like a promising health-tracking device. OPPO has not yet announced the pricing and availability details of the OHealth H1. We’ll update this article as and when the details are made available.

This was only the first day of the INNO DAY 2022 event, and we’ll likely hear more tomorrow, so make sure to stay tuned to Pocketnow as we bring you the live coverage as it happens. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to stay updated on the latest innovations from OPPO.


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