Another photo of Samsung Galaxy S23 dummy units leaks

Brace yourselves, Samsung fans! The Korean Tech Giant just announced that it would be holding an official event on February 1st, 2023, where it would showcase the “new premium Galaxy innovation”.

If that weren’t enough of a spoiler, let us put it in layman’s terms: the Samsung Galaxy S23 lineup will be officially announced in all its glory in just three weeks time. In fact, the reservations have already begun.


But there is still plenty of time for leaks. After all, it would not be a proper Samsung launch, without an endless stream of leaks in the weeks immediately before the release.

This time around, we have been treated with a photo of dummy units of all three Galaxy S23 models, put side by side. The picture was first shared via Twitter, and was subsequently covered by Sammobile in a dedicated article.

For reference, this is not the first time we have seen dummy units of the Galaxy S23 family. However, no one had managed to capture all three designs in a single frame until now. This gives us a pretty good idea of how the different versions stack up against one another.

It comes as no surprise that the Galaxy S23 will feature a design very similar to that of its predecessor. By the looks of it, the Galaxy S23 and its bigger brother, the Galaxy S23 Plus, will still have a largely identical exterior. The only device out of the bunch that has received some (rather minor) design tweaks is the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which seems a little less round.

Nevertheless, looks are not everything when it comes to smartphones. The Galaxy S23 family comes equipped with a plethora of major upgrades, including Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Thus, you have every reason to be excited for what could be the most powerful Android smartphones of 2023.


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