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Flush in style.
If you ask us, the bathroom is one of the spaces in the home that should have smart and useful technology. From music therapy shower speakers to vanity mirrors that double as televisions, there are a lot of ways to incorporate ultra-cool bathroom-specific gadgets in your home. Currently, we’ve got our eye on the best smart toilets, which may not seem like the most glamorous fixture, but a toilet is something we all need and use. Therefore, why not opt for one that can flush itself, light up the room, or heat the seat?
For those interested in transforming the room in which they start and end their days into a spa-like oasis (as inspired by our latest Renovations issue), top-notch smart toilets should be at the top of your list. Trust us, once you go smart, you’ll never go back to basic. That said, there are a lot of toilets out there and some are smarter than others, so when investing in a new piece for your bathroom, be sure to pick the right one for your space.

Smart toilets don’t get sleeker than Kohler’s Veil, a one-piece toilet that includes a heated seat, ambient nightlight, hands-free opening and closing, and automatic flushing. There’s also a touchscreen remote for extra lazy days.
The best part? The toilet comes with an emergency backup flush option at the touch of a button, so even if the power goes out, you can still take care of your business.
For anyone shocked to find a luxury smart toilet on Amazon, this is your reminder that the world’s biggest retailer carries anything you could ever need. This toilet has an automatic dual-flush mechanism, a heated seat, and a remote control that operates posterior, feminine, and turbo-wash functions with auto deodorization. It’s also eco-friendly, requiring less toilet paper than a traditional toilet.
No matter how smart they are, toilets aren’t typically the most stylish piece in a bathroom, but TOTO’s Neorest dual-flush may be the exception. Its minimalist design is inspired by hand-thrown earthen vases. The design may point to the past, but all of the special futures make this the toilet of the future. It has ultra-high efficiency tornado flush with a siphon jet flushing system and oscillating and pulsing comfort washing.
If the premium glaze doesn’t keep this Horow smart toilet clean, the electric water pump with powerful flushes certainly will. It also includes ultraviolet lights to keep the nozzle clean, and an air purification system that prevents any unwanted bathroom smells.
Homary designed this smart toilet with comfort in mind. Nearly every feature including the heat, water temperature, and jet intensities is adjustable. The toilet also includes a foot sensor flushing mechanism, a rear cleanse option, menstrual care settings, back-and-forth cleaning, a self-cleaning nozzle, and warm wind drying to minimize your toilet paper usage.
Anzzi’s ENVO smart toilet may look simple, but it does a lot. Not only does it come with an adjustable bidet but it also self cleans with nano-antibacterial materials and a water purifying filter. Plus, every time you flush, an anti-odor spray releases, so there’s no rush to flee the premises after using the toilet.

A smart toilet isn’t necessary, but it is, in our opinion, worth the money. Not only are smart toilets cleaner and more energy efficient than regular toilets, they often last longer.
Smart toilets are the most advanced toilets. Depending on what you’re looking for in a smart toilet, you can opt for self-flushing, self-cleaning, anti-odor, or a combination of the three and then some.
When it comes to gadgets for the home, we do our research. We scoured the Internet in pursuit of the best smart toilets on the market (at every price point!), so there’s no doubt you’ll find something that works for you.


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